Welcome to Eluxom

Eluxom is a unique wellness place that specialises in providing exclusive yoga and meditation session services to private clients and corporate groups. Practices are based on a holistic approach to achieve better physical, mental and emotional well- being.

Our private yoga and meditation instruction will focus on your individual needs with practical instruction, regardless if you are a new or an experienced practitioner. Our levels range from beginner all the way to advanced allowing you to customise the class to your own preference. Whether you prefer a challenging or more restorative yoga session, we will guide you through to meet the requests that are right for you or the group, whatever your age, size, gender or level of fitness.

Corporate sessions are also available and are an ideal solution for companies wanting to promote wellness at the workplace by improving their employees productivity and overall health. Eluxom’s aim is to give you the ultimate experience of awakening the harmony of your energy centres and discovering the union and balance of your mind, body and soul!


Founder of Eluxom

Eleonora began practicing yoga for the first time in 2002 and was very impressed by the benefits yoga offered, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

After working for many years in the corporate world she took time off to spend on yoga and a journey of self-discovery. As her practice deepened and her thirst for more knowledge grew, she traveled to India and other countries to expand her education with different styles of yoga and meditation.

Over many years of exercising and learning about the philosophy, history and other fields of yoga traditions Eleonora felt the need of sharing the benefits and wisdom of yoga with others.

“Yoga is much more than just an exercise regime for me – it’s a way of life. I practice yoga because it reminds me to live my life to the fullest. It teaches me to really listen to myself and the universe, bringing a sense of spiritual and physical awareness that guides me in all areas of our journey. I strongly believe yoga is a way of showing love towards yourself and everyone else around you. Namaste!

Eleonora has an internationally recognised Yoga and Meditation Teachers Training certificate. She also holds a BA Hons degree in Business Management.

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