Private Yoga

For a new student, a private yoga sessions can be a comfortable introduction to learning postures and the foundations of techniques and alignment with customized attention to your questions or needs. It will allows us to focus on the unique requirements of your body and energy as well as deepen your understanding of yogic breathing, yoga philosophy, and meditation techniques.

If you are an experienced or intermediate yoga practitioner, private lessons are an effective way to expand and enhance your practice. For athletes, yoga augments your training or exercise routines to enhance skills of balance, endurance, state-of-mind, confidence, flexibility, and breathing. You’ll see noticeable improvement in your athletic performance. Recovering from an injury or managing chronic conditions can be assisted through the therapeutic and healing benefits of personalized one-on-one yoga sessions.

Private sessions are designed exclusively for your level of experience and the issues you wish to address.

They may be appropriate if:

  • You are beginner to yoga and would prefer to begin in a private setting rather than a classroom
  • You are experienced in your yoga practice and would like to broaden a particular category of poses or overcome specific challenges
  • You have chronic pain or an injury. Students often attend group classes in conjunction with private yoga sessions to refine their alignment details in order to heal through the practice of yoga
  • Your schedule makes it difficult to get to class. Scheduling a private session during a busy week can help you through an especially stressful time and stay on track in your practice

Private Groups

We are also offering private group sessions for 2-4 friends or family members who would like to schedule a session together, or companies who would like to set up a private session for corporate employees.

Private groups are a great way to learn quickly as a beginner or to deepen an already strong practice.  During private sessions we can take into consideration your personal health and fitness levels, any injuries or personal intentions you may have. Your teacher will make physical adjustments and assist you more than they would be able to in large group classes.  You will have our instructor’s complete attention.